I create visual representations of botanicals and landscapes, to deepen my understanding of the natural world.  Connecting the eye to one’s hand when rendering a subject from observation, profoundly magnifies the experience of presence and discovery.  The diversity of structures, colors and textures ever influenced by light and atmosphere serve as an endless source of inspiration and opportunity for me.  I am currently working primarily in oil pastels using layering, blending and scratching techniques to achieve desired effects.  Videos of my process can be found on my From Garden to Studio instagram and tiktok profiles.  





Sunflowers and Verbena Bonariensis, Oil Pastel, 24"x18", 2023

Shade Garden, Oil Pastel, 12"x16", 2023

Hellebore, Oil Pastel, 24"x24", 2023

Hellebore and Crocus, Oil Pastel, 24"x18", 2023

Field at Sunrise, Oil pastel, 12"x24", 2023

Untitled, Oil Pastel, 12"x24", 2023

Coneflowers, Oil Pastel, 12"x24", 2023

Fall Meadow, Oil Pastel, 12"x18", 2023 

Northern Sea Oats, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2022

Wild Teasel and Golden Rod, Oil Pastel and Pencil, 18x24", 2022.                                                                            

In for the Winter, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2022

Coneflowers and Golden Rod, Oil Pastel and Pencil, 18x24", 2022

Morning Light I, Oil Pastel, 11 x 14", 2022

Morning Light II, Oil Pastel, 11x14", 2022

Buffel Grass II, Oil Pastel, 12x12", 2022

Red Amaranth with Dill. Oil Pastel, 12x14", 2022

Zinnias with Foxtail Grass, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2022

Golden Rod with Hyssop, Oil Pastel, 24x24", 2022

Buffel Grass I, Oil Pastel, 12x12", 2022

Red Amaranth with Sunflowers, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2022               

Golden Rod and Lady's Thumb, Oil Pastel, 11x14", 2022

Northern Sea Oats and Lambs Ear, Oil Pastel, 11x11", 2022

Coneflowers, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2022

Bee Balm, Oil Pastel, 14x16", 2022

Zinnias, Oil Pastel, 10x10", 2021

End of Winter, Oil Pastel, 9x9", 2021

Rattlesnake Master, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2022

Smokebush, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2021

Yellow Yarrow, Oil Pastel, 14x16", 2022

View from the Bridge, Oil Pastel, 9x12", 2021

Blazing Star with Golden Lace, Oil Pastel, 17.5x17.5", 2021

Hydrangea with Golden Rod, Oil Pastel, 11x14", 2021

Fields with Snow, Oil Pastel, 14x16", 2022

River Birch Trees, Oil Pastel, 9x12", 2021.   

Golden Hour, Oil Pastel, 14x16", 2021

Birch Trees, Oil Pastel, 9x12", 2021

Town Forest, Oil Pastel, 18x24", 2021

Canoe River, Oil Pastel, 11x14", 2021

Curly Dock, Oil Pastel, 14x16", 2021

Amsonia with Dahlias, Oil Pastel, 15x24", 2022

Golden Amsonia, Oil Pastel, 9x12", 2021

After the Rain, Oil Pastel, 14x16", 2021

Autumn Joy Sedum with Golden Lace, Oil Pastel, 16x16", 2021

Hosta Series I, Watercolor, 18x24", 2018

Hosta Series II, Watercolor, 18x24", 2018

Hosta Series III, Watercolor, 18x24", 2018